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EMSELLA is a medical device that is registered in the EU through a statutory registration procedure through which it receives a so-called CE marking. When you sit on the chair, electromagnetic energy is sent up into the pelvis that provides muscle stimulation equivalent to 12000 pelvic contractions – in 28 minutes.
EMSELLA is manufactured by a reputable medical device manufacturing company that supplies various types of medical device treatment equipment to all over the world. The company is called B T L (EMSELLA - A breakthrough treatment for incontinence and confidence | Non-invasive | BTL Aesthetics).
The reliability of the product has been verified through several different clinical studies:
The treatment may only be provided by healthcare professionals and to its help, Elsekliniken also has access to a team of physicians and nurses who, among other things, work with clinical trials of the equipment at, among others, Karolinska Institute, Medical University in Sweden (Solna).
We cannot treat you if you:
  • Are pregnant
  • Have implants in the head or spinal cord
  • Have severe heart and lung diseases
  • Have an implanted pacemaker
  • Have implanted hip prosthesis
  • Have epilepsy
  • Have copper IUD
  • Have ongoing cancer
You need to sign a statement that you consider yourself to be completely healthy before starting the treatment.

Who is the right candidate for EMSELLA?

EMSELLA treatment is a great option for women of all ages who desire  a simple and quick solution for urinary incontinence, recovery after childbirth and improvement of the quality of their intimate life. The treatment also works for men for urinaryincontinence and increases intimate satisfaction.

How long is the treatment? How many sessions are needed?

Your therapist will develop a therapeutic plan for you. One treatment takes about 30 minutes and approximately 6 treatments are needed that are carried out on two occasions per week.

What does a treatment feel like? Is it painful?

You will feel a tingling sensation and contractions of the pelvic floor muscles during treatment. No pain. You can carry out daily activities immediately after treatment.

How fast can I see results?

You may experience improvement already after one treatment. The results will continue to improve in the coming weeks.

How EMSELLA works

Elisabeth Servin

Exam as Biomedical analyst (BMA). 40 years of experience working with product quality, quality and business development as well as legal compliance regarding medicines, medical devices (such as EMSELLA), cosmetics and food products. Elisabeth has also worked as Lead Auditor of compliance towards ISO standards, which are used for quality management of medical technology companies, i.e. companies that manufacture EMSELLA.