Stop leakage with a smooth and painless method – EMSELLA.

EMSELLA does 12000 pelvic floor muscles exercises in 28 minutes while you sit in he chair perhaps reading and enjoying a cup of coffee. he method works for both women and men, for urinary incontinence and increases intimate satisfaction. The method can also be used in prevention of incontinence.

Rååvägen 45, 252 70 Råå

+46 704 60 72 63 

Monday-Friday: 9:00-17:00, Saturday-Sunday: Closed

 EMSELLA treats

  • Urinaryincontinence

  • Pelvic floor problems

  • Impaired intimate gratification

  • Treatment

    EMSELLA uses electromagnetic energy to deliver thousands of supramaximal contractions of the pelvic floor muscles during a single treatment.

    During a treatment, you sit FULLY CLOTHED in the EMSELLA chair and can, for example, read a book.

    EMSELLA is a non-invasive treatment that is not based on heat or cold. In other words, there are no risks of burns, scarring or swelling pelvic floor muscles during a single treatment.

  • Benefits of EMSELLA

    • After an EMSELLA treatment, the patient can return directly to their everyday tasks

    • Non-invasive treatment that the patient undertakes fully clothed

    • No consumables

    • You do not need to seek medical care

    • No medicines

    • Reduced environmental footprint

Treatments and prices

Pay by card, Swish or QLIRO (with the possibility of installments). 

Personal consultation – recommended
Telephone consultation.
Free of charge
Full treatment (6 times) – in case of existing incontinence
Price: 12000 SEK
Preventive treatment (occasional)
Price: 2500 SEK/time
Follow up treatment (single) within 4-6 months from the end of a full treatment.
Price: 2000 SEK


Woman, age 80:
"Before, when I arrived to home, I had to throw the jacket in the hallway and rush to the restroom. After the 3 weeks treatment with EMSELLA, I can hang the jacket, go to the kitchen and then to the restroom in no rush at all. I also got some good advise about how to continue my training at home. I am satisfied with the result from the EMSELLA treatment."
Woman, age 79:
"Before the EMSELLA treatment I had to rush to the toilet to avoid the urine coming in the sanitary napkin. I went to the restroom 3-4 times per night, now I go only 2 times. I am happy with the results, but I had hopes for more".
Woman, 77 years:
"I have incontinence due to 4 births in combination with Spinal Stenosis and had spontaneous leakage at night and had to run to the toilet. After the Emsella treatment, it has improved. Due to my nerve damage, it is difficult to achieve full results, but I am happy with the improvement."
Woman, 69 years:
"I suffer from urinary urgency.  Elsekliniken accepted me and listened to my problems and seemed knowledgeable on the subject. Unfortunately, the treatment didn't help me."
Note: It is more difficult to treat this type of incontinence than stress incontinence. It is never wrong to train the pelvic floor muscles, but for urinary urgency you may need to combine with seeing a doctor (e.g. urologist or gynecologist) and get further help with your incontinence.
Woman, 80 years old:
"I used to have to rush to the toilet at night. I still get up and pee at night, but I do not need to rush.
I got tips on how to continue to train my pelvic muscles manually after finishing the treatment. I'm completely satisfied!"
Woman, 47 years:
"After three births, I had suffered from both stress and urge incontinence. I just didn't make it to the bathroom in time and peed myself several times a day. Now I make it to the toilet on time almost every time and don't have to worry about where the nearest toilet is. I feel very satisfied with the treatment."
Woman, 27 years:
"I attended this Emsella training because I had problems with waking up a lot at night and had a hard time holding myself back. I had gotten used to having to pee on demand and therefore had a hard time keeping it tight if I wasn't close to a toilet. As a result, I had a hard time moving freely without constantly adapting everything around toilet visits. 

The biggest difference is that I rarely wake up at night anymore. I can now hold myself for longer periods of time and not get an "acute" need to pee. I've also noticed a big difference when it comes to intimacy.

I experienced the visits as super professional with a warm and personal touch. Elisabeth guided me into the training plan in a very reassuring and competent way. I would truly recommend Elsekliniken."
Woman, 72 years:
"I decided to try the Elsekliniken because I needed to pee often and had difficulty holding in when sneezing. The treatment itself was not unpleasant. After the first treatment I felt very clear something happened in the pelvic floor. I've had trouble feeling it before. It is easy now to do pinch exercises. I thought I would get a more immediate result and my problems would disappear immediately. They didn't but after a few more weeks and with my own manual pinch exercises it has gotten better. The address was difficult to find the first time."
Man, 72 years
"I went for treatment with Emsella for incontinence at Elsekliniken. Since surgery for prostate cancer, I have been dripping, especially when I have been out and about. I also felt that I panicked to the toilet when I needed to. The pelvic floor training has reduced the drip and it's not a panic to get to the toilet when I need to pee. I am pleased with the result. I also received recommendations on how I can continue manual training after finishing the treatment.I found the staff very nice and Elsekliniken has bright and nice premises and it is always clean and fresh."
Woman, 34 years:
"I was active with exercising before I had my second child about 3 years ago. Since then, it has been difficult to exercise unhindered without leaking urine. I have found that it has also limited me to some extent in my physically challenging job.
Already after the first treatment with EMSELLA, I felt improvement and was able to exercise again unhindered. I am very pleased with the results and I am telling everyone I know about this fantastic treatment method for the pelvic floor muscles. More people should know about it."
Male, 53 years:
"I have a chronic multimorbid with a lot of medication and have had urine leakage for about 15 years. For the past 5 years, nighttime sleep has also been affected by nightly visits to the toilet. I tried the Emsella method last fall and am SUPER SATISFIED. My visits to the toilet have decreased significantly and no more nightly visits to the toilet. Urine leakage is virtually non-existent as well. In addition , avery good influence of the prostate has been achieved in my case. The treatment is fast and effective, as well as affordable!. My quality of life has returned to normal. The clinic is very professional, thorough and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend trying this method at this clinic!!"
Woman, 41 years:
"I developed stress urinary incontinence after giving birth. I've tried to overcome it with the help of traditional manual exercises but I haven't felt that it has helped me. After the Emsella treatment, I have noticed a clear difference.  I have gained a stability in my pelvic floor that I lacked before and I find it much easier to hold it in connection with coughing and sneezing so as not to leak. A nice bonus of the leakage treatment is that I have also had increased satisfaction during sex."


Elsekliniken is located on Råå near the sea south of Helsingborg. Take the opportunity to shop in one of the petite boutiques or to lunch/dine at one of the nice restaurants while visiting Elsekliniken. If you come with car, there are usually many available parking spots in the street – free of charge.
If you travel with public transportation, take the City Bus 1 From Helsingborg C towards Råå Kattegattsgatan and walk further onto Rååvägen until you reach number 45 (5-7 minutes). You then enter via the same entrance as for the Public Dental Service (“Folktandvården”) and take the elevator at the top. When you step out of the elevator, you will see Elsekliniken directly in front of you.